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  1. Ms Daire HIGGINS
    Institution: DIT
    Current Research: The Media Development Model and New Technologies: Two Case Studies from East Africa
    Country Focus: Kenya, Tanzania

  2. Dr Frank Barry
    Institution: Trinity College Dublin
    Current Research: Postcolonial Ireland and the birth of the modern economy

  3. Dr Niamh Gaynor
    Institution: Dublin City University
    Current Research: Local Governance and Peacebuilding in Central Africa
    Country Focus: Burundi, Congo, Rwanda

  4. Mr Peter Kearns
    Institution: DESSA
    Current Research: Undergraduate Response to Social Model of Disability in 1st Year
    Country Focus: Ireland

  5. Dr Patty Gray
    Institution: NUI Maynooth
    Current Research: Russia as a donor of international development assistance
    Country Focus: Russian Federation

  6. Dr Sulagna Maitra
    Institution: University College Dublin Centre for Humanitarian Action
    Current Research: European Universities for Professionalization of Humanitarian Action

  7. Dr Kathleen Lynch
    Institution: UCD
    Current Research: Equality in Working, Learning and Caring

  8. Ms Mags Liddy
    Institution: University of Limerick
    Current Research: Enabling teacher professional and social change- the potential of overseas volunteering
    Country Focus: India, Ireland, Ireland

  9. Mrs Tanja Kleibl
    Institution: Dublin City University
    Current Research: Civil Society, Development and Social Transformation: A case study from Mozambique
    Country Focus: Mozambique

  10. Dr Aifric O'Sullivan
    Institution: UCD
    Current Research: AgriDiet: How can Agriculture contribute to Better Nutrition? Developing the Evidence Base in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
    Country Focus: Tanzania

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