Call for submissions to the Children's Network Research Digest.

Issued 28 September 2017

The Children's Research Network calls for submissions to issues of its Digest. One issue is focused on archiving evaluation data and another on children and young people's play. Full details can be found on their website:

Call summaries

Archiving Evaluation Data

With increasing emphasis on programme, service and process evaluations, immense amounts of rich evaluation data are now being produced. To optimise the value of this data and to extend the learning from evaluation studies, more and more people, organisations and institutions are starting to archive their data in order to optimise its use and encourage other researchers to conduct secondary analysis. This is a hugely worthwhile endeavour but is not without risks and considerations. In this volume of the Children’s Research Digest, we invite articles and research summaries / commentaries on benefits and issues relating to archiving evaluation data that includes data on children, young people and families. Read more.

Children and Young People at Play

Play is one of the most important aspects of children and young people’s lives. Access to active, outdoor, or free play is essential for optimal development of children’s physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing. However, a decline in opportunities to play, especially outdoors, in some communities in recent times is a major concern. With the modern world becoming a more risk adverse society, children’s opportunities to engage in self-directed free play, whether indoors or outdoors, are becoming increasing limited. Researchers highlight that play deprivation contributes to a reduced sense of personal control, reduced ability to control emotions, increased social isolation and reduced happiness. Read more.