Is development possible without rights? Translating Rights Based Approaches into Practice

Issued 31 October 2013

4 November 2013, 9am - 1pm

DSA Ireland are participating in TIDI's (the Trinity International Development Initiative) Development Research week to bring you a seminar which aims to investigate the Rights Framework and its role in enabling development outcomes. In the seminar practitioners and researchers will examine the theoretical underpinnings of rights based approaches and how this can be used in the process of development. This seminar will feature practical experiences of grassroots NGOs, academics, and international NGOs using a rights’ framework to realise sustainable development outcomes and the impact of this.


Session 1

Dr. Susan Murphy, School of natural Sciences TCD, 'Rights Based Approaches to development';
Mr. Narinder Bedi, Young India Project, 'Experiences & Results: Implementing rights based development'
Dr. Michael Semple, Reflective Practitioner/Researcher, Queens University, Belfast;

Chair: Mark Cumming, Director, Comhlamh


Session 2
Ronan McDermott, UCD- PhD Student: 'Measuring Human Rights Compliance during Natural Disasters: The Case of Mount Merapi, Indonesia';

Mohammad Amir Anwar, Post Doc, TCD: ‘Reflection on Special Economic Zones, and infringement of people's rights to land and employment

Julian Waagensen Trocaire, 'Helping realise rights & the impact of rights-based work in partner countries'

Fiona Bolger, Poet

Chair: Dr. Chandana Mathur, Dept. of Anthropology, NUIM

Time: 9am - 1pm


Swift Theatre, Arts Building, TCD